Every year in the U.S. an average of 85 fatalities occur on forklifts, which are also called Powered Industrial Trucks. Some of these kill the operator, some kill nearby pedestrians. In addition, there are nearly 35,000 serious injuries and 96,000 total injuries from forklifts on an annual basis. All of these accidents are preventable if the right steps are taken. FTS Safety, a division of Forklift Training Systems, specializes in forklift safety training. Forklift training is not something we do occasionally, it is something we do every day all year long, in fact we are one of the largest forklift training companies in America.

Most forklift training today is boring and ineffective. Adults don’t learn very well from children’s style workbooks or from boring, generic videos. It is not just what an operator is told that makes them safe, it is how it is told. Our instructors have investigated fatalities and serious injuries; we have seen first-hand what they can do to people and their families. We not only have the right content, but we present it in a way that makes people want to work safety and inspires them to do so. We have significant experience with sit down rider, stand up reach, elevated order picker, pallet jack and telehandler training.

There are two ways to handle forklift training, one is the training of operators and the other is the training of trainers. There is no one best solution for every company, which solution is best will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • How many operators?

  • How much employee turnover?

  • Do you have time to train your people?

  • Your geographic area.

  • Your liability tolerance.

We offer day long forklift operator certification classes, partial day forklift operator re-evaluation classes and multi-day forklift train the trainer classes.